About StrangeAgo

Early newspapers provide a fascinating look into what life was like during the 19th and early 20th centuries. They gave reports on deaths, marriages, politics, and gruesome accounts of murders. The only problem in reading through these early newspapers is that they can also be very dry. Train and mail times could take up a full page in a four-page newspaper. Advertisements, while interesting at first, are repeatedly printed and often leave the reader with one page of news. Some weeks, the newspaper had nothing new to report on the area and so it filled up the page with news of ship arrivals or poetry.

In order to show you what life was like for the common citizens of the worlds, we have read through thousands of newspapers and selected the most interesting news or insights we could find. The work was tedious, but tremendously interesting. Not only did we learn what life was like for our recent ancestors, we also learned that most of what we were taught in school was completely wrong.

At StrangeAgo, we look into the weird and wonderful past and give our readers different views on what life was really like long ago.

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