9 Crazy Superstitions About Your Eyebrows

Your eyes, your skin complexion, and even the shape of your eyebrows can tell a lot about you according to folk beliefs and superstitions. It is almost as if our ancestors had nothing better to do with their time than to tell stories and make associations between this and that. Of course, they didn’t have televisions back then and life was divided between work and family life, so they had plenty of time to use their imaginations and make odd observations. But that’s okay. If it weren’t for them and their endless curiosity, we wouldn’t have the thousands of superstitions that we have today.

Woman shaving her eyebrows.

1. Arched Eyebrows

People whose eyebrows have a natural arch are said to be imaginative, creative people. These people are society’s dreamer.

2. Eyebrows Straight Across

Eyebrows that grow straight across indicate alertness. Nothing gets by these folks and they have an uncanny eye for details.

3. Heavy Eyebrows

Heavy eyebrows indicate a blunt personality. Sometimes the bearers of heavy eyebrows let words fall out of their mouths faster than they can stop them. They don’t mean to be hurtful, it is just in their nature to call it like they see it.

4. Curved Eyebrows

People whose eyebrows have a natural curve have inquiring minds. Like Sherlock Holmes, they must investigate everything, no matter how annoying it might be to other people.

5. Unibrow

Folks who have the infamous unibrow are endowed with supernatural abilities. In old times, people believed unibrow owners were vampires or werewolves.

6. Wide Apart

A person whose eyebrows are set wide apart are known as good listeners. They automatically attract people who like to talk too much.

7. Itchy Eyebrows

Itches in different spots have long held meaning, so it is no surprise that there are superstitions for itchy eyebrows. If the right eyebrow suddenly itches, it means that someone is saying good things about you. If it is your left eyebrow itching, you are about to receive bad news.

8. Shaving Off Eyebrows

In Japan, women would shave off their eyebrows for their wedding. This custom was to show the husband that his wife was now ugly to the world and belonged to his eyes alone.

9. Vaseline

It is a common belief that rubbing Vaseline on the eyebrows makes them grow long and thick. While there is no evidence that this is actually true, Vaseline has long been used to help shape the eyebrows and control wayward strands of hair.


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