Cosmetic Baths of 1830

Cosmetic baths from over 100 years ago were not so different from the all natural herb baths we take today. Sure, we won’t use rain or river water to make our herbal bath teas, but we will toss in the tea bags when taking a hot bath.

The info below was printed in a newspaper from 1908 and is a reprint of advice given in 1830. It is here for research purposes only and not as medical or beauty advice.

Cosmetic Baths of 1830

Years Ago Women Sought Aids to Beauty as They Are Reputed to Do Today

The following rules for cosmetic baths may be of interest today; they are taken from a ladies magazine published in Boston 75 years ago:

An Aromatic Bath

Take one or more of the following aromatic herbs: balm, sweet basic, marjoram, hyssop, lavender, mint, or any other herb that has an agreeable scent; boil in a sufficient quantity of rain or river water for the space of three or four minutes; strain off the liquor, and add to it a little brandy or camphorated spirits of wine. This is said to be an excellent bath to strengthen the limbs; it removes pain, the consequence of cold, and promotes perspiration.

A Cosmetic Bath

Take two pounds of barley or meal, eight pounds of bran and a few handfuls of borage leaves. Boil these ingredients in a sufficient quantity of spring water. This both cleanses and softened the skin in a superior degree.

An Emollient Bath for the Feet

Boil in a sufficient quantity of water a pound of brand with a few marshmallow roots, and two or three handfuls of mallow leaves.

Source: The Tucumcari News. Newspaper. June  27, 1908.