Soviet Axe Is Out For Old Santa As An Evil Genius For Children

Poor Santa. Someone is always waging war against the old fella, from religious extremists to the former Soviet government to just about everyone who hates the idea of children having fun. The story below comes from 1922.

Soviet Axe Is Out For Old Santa As An Evil Genius For Children

No Angels on Russian Christmas Trees and Little Ones to Be Told Kris Is a Bogy

Moscow, Dec. 15. — The Soviets have an axe out for Santa Claus. The Communist Youth League and trade unions combined have laid out a program to save Russian children from his deleterious influence.

“Many children who have taken heart at the coming religious festival will be deeply impressed with this medieval, undesirable influence,” reads an official announcement. “Therefore a program has been made to counteract it.

“No angels will be permitted on Christmas trees. There shall be no influence of a religious cult whatever. Instead, we will have costume plays and masquerades, which will give the children a holiday without evil influences.”

As part of its battle against the traditional holiday, which had always been a big event in Russia, the Communist Youth League is going to hold torchlight processions through the snow covered streets of Moscow, bearing banners inveighing against religious and the mythical gift bearer.

The state theaters will be taken over on that day and “political satires” will be given, including Lausanne and other conferences which “capitalistic” nations are dominating.

While the campaign will be known as “the counter holiday movement,” in good Communist circles presents will be taboo, and the children are going to be told right out in public that Santa Claus is a bourgeois delusion.

Source: The Evening World (New York City, NY newspaper). December 15, 1922.