Halloween In Frolics

Published in 1914, these Halloween games are not the safe games children sometimes play today during the Halloween season.

I do not recommend playing any of these games because you or your children could get seriously hurt.

This article is republished here for research purposes only.

Halloween In Frolics

Pretty games belong to Halloween more particularly than any other time of the year. Certainly, no other feast offers such a variety of them. Every country lends its peculiar customs, for Halloween is countless centuries old.

Walnut Shell Boats

“Ships of Fate” is perhaps the prettiest and most romantic game of all. Little ships are made of half an English walnut shell, with little toothpick masts secured to the bottom of the shell with candle grease. The name of each guest is printed or written on each boat. A little lighted candle is placed in the stern. Place these in a tub of water and fan gently. Much amusement follows the gradual pairing off of the boats. The candle, of course, typifies good health. Whoever has the candle which burns the longest may expect a long and happy life.

The boats may be improved upon in countless ways and look very attractive with the lights shining in the water.

Shooting Apples

A new version of the old custom of bobbing for apples is, perhaps, not so exciting, but decidedly more reassuring for the unfortunate victims who have to go home on a cold night with wet clothing. The apples are placed in a row, using green, yellow, and red ones alternately. The guests are supplied with darts, or tiny bows and arrows. Shooting a red apple signifies success in love, a yellow one, money, and the green one health.

Candle Apple Stick

An old English custom is that of hanging a stick parallel to the ceiling by a strong cord. On one end of this is stuck a large lighted candle, on the other an apple. The stick is then spun around rapidly, and the guests are supposed to secure a bite of the apple. The pleasure of this game is very doubtful.


Marshmallow toasting, roasting chestnuts, apples, popcorn, new corn and such things before the open fire are less strenuous and still popular amusements for Halloween.

The Roasting of Chestnuts

The true lovers’ test is found in the roasting of chestnuts. A young man and a girl should each place a chestnut on the bars of the grate and carefully watch their behavior. If they stay quietly side by side, then the young couple who placed them there will lead an easy, peaceful life together. But if, as is frequently the case, the nuts hiss and steam, then such behavior indicates quarreling between owners. Frequently one chestnut will act in a wild manner, jumping away from the other and hissing loudly, and this indicates that the owner has a bad temper!

The Raisin Race

Into a piece of string about a yard long a raisin is strung. Two people then take each an end in their mouths and hastily chew as much as possible. The one who reaches the raisin first will be wedded first.

Source: Evening Public Ledger. Newspaper. October 31, 1914.