1922 Advice For A Bigger Bust

Looking for a more bustful figure? Well, according to this 1922 newspaper article, all you really need to do to fill out your bust-line is breathe. Oh, and give yourself circular breast massages (have someone else do this part for you if you’re not up to it).

The Hollow Chest

By Doris Doscher

BEAUTY of figure is all a matter of proportions. A hollow chest and lack of development in the upper part of the trunk take away the feminine grace of the figure. So pronounced is this lack of development in some girls, that they will resort to drugs and mechanical means to remedy the condition. I know this from the many, many letters written to me, asking for advice.

The girl who lacks development is usually the girl who has a pronounced case of round shoulders, the back having the development that should be in the front. It is a very easy thing to develop the curves and the full throated loveliness that give that particular charm that we find only in a female figure. But it must be done in a rational, natural manner and not by resorting to patent medicines.

In the first place, the correct posture will do wonders in pulling up the sagging muscles of the figure, so that there is opportunity for the figure to develop normally. You will be amazed by the improvement in rounding out the bust from taking deep breathing exercises. It is quicker, surer than any patent medicine and has the added benefit of being the source of perpetual renewal of your health. In fact, trained breathing that completely cleanses the lungs and develops them is the best and most simple beautifier of face and figure known.

Once you try, steadily and conscientiously, taking breathing exercises by both the sniffing and deep breathing methods, you will feel the results in improved health and you will see the results in a rounded out figure. So correcting your poor posture, and by that I mean learning to sit and stand correctly every moment of the day, even while you are traveling, and taking these breathing exercises alone will do wonders for you.

But to have firm flesh and round curves requires that the underlying muscles be developed. One of the reasons for the lack of development in so many girls is the wearing of a too tight brassiere which interferes with free breathing and causes the muscles that support the bust to be flabby.

You will find that exercise does wonders in overcoming this tendency and in rounding out your figure. Take arm circling exercises, arm swinging exercises and gymnastics with light dumbbells or wands.

One of the best known methods of bust development is to use a circular massage, applying cocoa butter or lanolin. If this is faithfully applied and the massage is made in a rotary motion, you will see an improvement in your figure. If you drink freely of milk it usually proves a great aid in developing this portion of the figure into the proportions you desire.

Many girls feel seriously the unevenness of development in their figure. That is, one side of the body being larger than the other. If you use the above treatments for the side that is undeveloped, you will soon be able to have an evenly proportioned figure.

Those of you who keep up your swimming even through the winter by frequent visits to the indoor pools will find that by using the breast stroke it will round out the figure beautifully.

If the bust is well proportioned to the rest of the body, it gives a beautiful foundation for the clothes to set upon. It takes away that awkward gawkiness that is a cause of such embarrassment to many of you. In fact, you will find that by rounding out your figure, you will give an added grace to your carriage and make yourself twice as attractive.

Source: The Evening World newspaper. December 14, 1922. New York, N.Y.