5 Halloween Charms and Divination From Long Ago

What do you plan on doing Halloween night? Why not try out one of these old charms and divinations?

Personally, I like the dry bread wish charm, but the cat superstitions are fun, as well.

Winding Yarn Charm

The winding yarn charm is done on Halloween night and involves throwing a ball of yarn out the window to discover the name of your true love.

Dry Bread Wish Charm

Every Halloween night, you have an opportunity to make a wish and then, upon falling asleep, dream of exactly how to make your wish come true. Or so says the old lore.

Apple Seed Count

There is a certain way to count the apple seeds in your Halloween apple to learn about the future.

Pennsylvania Dream Divination

This dream divination originated in Pennsylvania and is meant to help you discover your immediate future.

Apple Peel Divination

Peel an apple, toss the skin over your shoulder, and discover the initial of your lover to be.