Olive Oil Anti Wrinkle Treatment from 1899

Does olive oil anti wrinkle treatment sound familiar? At home skin care was no different over a hundred years ago than it is today.

The article below is for wrinkle treatment, using olive oil and massage.

No Wrinkles

Wrinkles come from a drying out of the skin, and a dry massage will make wrinkles while a proper massage will do away with them.

A prominent authority on facial treatment says: “Six drops of olive oil, carefully massaged about the face and throat, left on over night, and washed off with tepid water and no soap in the morning will do wonders in the way of holding at bay those tell tale wrinkles that all women dread.

The treatment should be repeated every third night, unless it is found that this makes the skin too oily, when a little longer interval may be observed. Use the tips of the fingers and stroke the oil in gently and firmly.

Source: Wood County reporter. (Grand Rapids [i.e. Wisconsin Rapids], Wis.), 12 Jan. 1899.