Different Salt Uses From Over 100 Years Ago

Salt has been used for numerous things throughout history. These particular household hints are from the later 1800s to the early 1900s. This was a time when people experimented with what they had on hand to find remedies to everyday problems.

This list is being placed here for research purposes only and there is no guarantee that any of these old household hints will work.

A List Of Salt Uses From 1915

Salt will revive a dying fire.

Salt – coarse – is a good cleanser of irons.

Salt in water or other fluids retards the boiling.

Salt mixed with soda is a remedy for bee stings.

Salt and hot water will thaw a frozen drain pipe.

Salt will remove tea stains from delicate china cups.

Salt sprinkled on a range will absorb all grease spluttering.

Salt, warmed and rubbed in a soiled light coat, will clean it.

Salt added to the rinsing water prevents clothes from freezing.

Salt placed under baking tins in an oven prevents their burning.

Salt will quickly clean a discolored bath or enameled utensils.

Salt, a lump, placed in the sink will keep the drain wholesome.

Salt and water removes the lime in new curtains and makes washing easier.

Salt and water cleans all crockery more easily and better than plain water.

Salt, thrown on the fire once a day prevents the accumulation of soot in the flues.

Salt added to potatoes when nearly done insures flouriness and prevents them going to pieces.

Salt sprinkled over carpets before sweeping preserves the colors and keeps moths away.

Salt rubbed on to an ink stain on a table after the spot is dampened removes the mark.

Coffee Hint From 1912

A little salt added to the coffee before pouring on the boiling water will improve the flavor.

Brass And Copper Brightener From 1891

Salt and vinegar used hot will brighten copper and brass kettles.

Added To Meat From 1907

Salt toughens meat if added before it commences to cook.

Uses For Salt From 1908

Before closing the house for the summer, sprinkle table salt over the rugs and carpets, carefully and lightly sweep over them with a broom. Then moths will not eat them and salt brightens the colors.

When out camping, use salt water for the toilet and the mosquitoes will not bite you. Insects hate the taste of salt and it is a simple and harmless remedy.

When, in cooking, grease is spilled on the stove, a little salt sprinkled over the same will at once stop it from burning and smoking.

Salt on the fingers when cleaning fowls, meats or fish will prevent slipping.

Salt thrown on a fire when broiling steak will prevent blazing from the dripping fat.

Salt put on ink when freshly spilled on carpet will help in removing the stain.

Salt on the oven under baking tins will prevent scorching on the bottom.

Salt in water is the best thing to clean willow ware and matting.

Salt and vinegar will remove stains from discolored teacups.

Salt thrown on soot which has fallen on the carpet will prevent stain.

Salt thrown into a coal fire which is low will revive it.