How To Make An Embroidered Ornamental Box

The following instructions and illustrations for an embroidered ornamental box were originally published in 1908.

Pretty Box Ornamented With Embroidery

Linen with Wadded Silk of Sateen, Receptacle Has Proper Place on the Dressing Table in the Boudoir

Any light wooden or very firm cardboard box may be used for the foundation; it should be carefully lined with wadded silk or sateen, the edges of which may be drawn on to the outside and fixed by mucilage, then cover the sides with silk, or if preferred, art linen might be used. The embroidery design for the top is shown, the little spray being repeated at each corner. Cut the silk for covering the top to fit it, allowing half an inch to turn over to the inside; work the design shown with ribbon and sequins, the stalks being in cording stitch with embroidery silk.

When the work is finished, iron it on the wrong side over a thick ironing blanket. Put a thin layer of wadding over the lid, then stretch the embroidered silk over it, fixing the edges on inside of lid with mucilage, a pretty silk or tinsel galloon or gimp finishes the edge. To line the lid, cut stiff paper or thin card a trifle smaller than lid, cover with a thin layer of wadding, then with silk or linen, fix this lining inside the lid by mucilage.

Source: The Spanish American. [volume] (Roy, Mora Co., N.M.), 15 Aug. 1908.