Embroidery Design for a Child’s Dress From 1916

The following embroidery design was made for a child’s dress. It was originally published in 1916.

Instructions read:

The accompanying design is to be embroidered on a separate bolero which is detachable and which may be applied after the frock is made. It could be embroidered in white or in dainty colors, and the pattern is as effective as it is simple and easily made.

The detail drawing shows the method of working. In using the printed design from the paper the directions are as follows: If the material is sheer, the easiest way is to lay it over the design, which will show through plainly, and draw over each line with a sharp, hard lead pencil. If your linen is heavy, buy a piece of impression paper – the kind that does not rub off – place the design over it and trace with a hard pencil.

Source: The Ogden standard. (Ogden City, Utah), 01 Jan. 1916.