Dresser Scarf And Apron Embroidery Patterns From 1912

The dresser scarf and apron embroidery patterns were originally published in 1912.

The instructions read:

This very attractive dresser scarf is easily made and most effective. Detail drawings show method of working. The apron design is simple and shows up well either on sheer or heavy material. Design may also be applied to dresses or blouses.

There are two ways to apply the designs to the material upon which you wish to work them.

If your material is sheer – such as handkerchief linen, lawn batiste, and the like – the simplest method is to lay the material over the design and with a well pointed pencil draw over each line.

If your material is heavy, secure a piece of transfer or impression paper. Lay it face down upon this, then draw over each line of the paper design with a hard pencil or the point of a steel knitting needle. Upon lifting the pattern and transfer paper you will find a neat and accurate impression of the design upon your material.

There are two points to observe in this simple process if you would execute it satisfactorily. One is to see that your material is level – cut and folded by a thread – and that your design is placed upon it evenly at every point.

The second is, when placed accurately, secure the design to the material with thumb tacks or pins, so it cannot slip during the operation.

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