10 Strange Beliefs Once Held By Thieves And Burglars

Common theft and burglarizing was once a real occupation with its own set of strange beliefs and superstitions passed down through families and underground organizations. Smart people of the past would keep up with the latest burglar superstitions in order to avoid being burglarized.

1. Flag Attraction

Houses that fly flags attract burglars. When they see a home or a flat that has a flag hung outside, the burglar knows there will be good finds inside. Flags are an invitation to plunder.

2. Tripping Horse

If a burglar happens to see a horse tripping, he must not burgle on that day. If he does, he will surely be caught.

3. House Numbers

Houses that are numbered 444, 111, 93, 22, or 23 are unsafe to rob.

4. If It Goes Well the First Time

If a house or flat was safely robbed once, it will be safe to rob again and again.

5. A Good Luck Piece

Burglars were also known to keep a good luck piece in their pockets to help avoid capture. A piece of coal, chalk, or a lucky coin were the most common good luck objects among thieves.

6. Foreign Money

If a thief steals a purse that has foreign money in it, it means that the thief will soon be going on a long journey to another country.

7. No Funerals

No self-respecting thief would work a funeral. Doing so would bring about his own demise.

8. Sleeping Dog

If a burglar passes a sleeping dog on his way to burglarize a home, it means he is in good fortune and will not be caught.

9. Window

For a sure escape, a burglar must enter a place by one window and leave by a different one.

10. Squinting Servant

A place that hires a female squinting servant will never be burglarized. This may have something to do with the belief in the evil eye.

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