10 Strange Things People Do to Find Something Lost

Don’t you hate it when you lose something and can’t for the life of you remember where it is? It drives me absolutely insane, especially when I remember thinking to myself at an earlier date that, “I will just put this here and I swear I will remember it.”

Yeah, losing things drives us all mad and that is probably why people have invented numerous tricks to find what has been lost.

Counting Stars

If you lose something at night and can’t find it for the life of you, go outside and gaze up at the night sky. Count 100 different stars and then you will be able to find what was lost.

Stone Toss

If you lose something in the grass, pick up a stone, close your eyes, spin around seven times and gently toss the stone. The item you lost will be in the direction of the stone’s fall.


Lost your marbles? There is an old superstition that if you bury a marble in the ground during the new moon and return three days later, you will find every marble that you have ever lost buried in that spot.

Shoe Toss

To find the direction where your item was lost, take off your left shoe and toss it into the air. When it lands, the object you are looking for will be found in the direction the toe is pointing.

Peach Tree Twig

According to folklore, if you lost your ring outside, pick a twig off of a peach tree and hold it in your left hand as you walk the yard. The twig will pull downwards when you are near the lost ring.

Contact a Psychic

There are actually psychics who specialize in helping people find lost objects. While I have never worked with one of these types of psychics, you can find them online offering up their services for a fee.

Use a Pendulum

If you lose something, one of the simplest ways to find it again is to grab (or make) a pendulum and begin walking around the area where the object was lost. Concentrate on thinking about the object you lost and when you get close to it, the pendulum should begin to tug you in the right direction. If you are standing overtop of the object, the pendulum will spin or circle round.

Pray to Saint Anthony

Each saint has his or her own little thing to look after. For Saint Anthony of Padua, his specialty is to help find lost people and lost objects. If you are in desperate need to find a missing hereon or item, pray to Saint Anthony for his help.

The Question Mark

This trick was taught to me by a friend. If you lose something and don’t need it right away, write a large question mark on a small piece of paper and put it under your pillow before going to bed. It triggers your brain to continue pondering where the missing item is and you will probably wake up in the middle of the night or the next day remember where you stuck it or lost it.

Pretend You are the Lost Object

Finally, one trick that many people say actually works is to pretend you are the lost object. For example, if you lost your keys, close your eyes and take a moment to relax. Picture yourself as being those keys. Try and sense your surroundings. Empaths and psychics claim that you may actually be able to find your keys just by taking note of what you sensed while pretending to be the keys.