1911 Article On How To Be Beautiful

What were women told about being beautiful over a hundred years ago? The answer might surprise you – and sound very familiar.

How To Be Beautiful

Few girls are able to give to their adornment the care that the beauty specialist demands. If they followed all the rules they would have good skins and hair, perhaps, but their brains would be starved and their hearts atrophied for lack of development.

The busy girl may be inclined to scoff at beauty measures and pride herself on being above such vanities. If she does so, foolish indeed is she. It is not vain to look one’s best. Indeed, it is a good health investment.

What is needed are everyday rules for everyday beauty.

It is not needful to have elaborate massage, a maid and unlimited time to make the best of oneself physically. A little care of the right sort given daily.

Remember, the complexion is the barometer of the body, and watch it well. If the skin is blotched, sallow or pasty there is something wrong, perhaps physically, perhaps through neglect of sanitary precautions.

You may have such a good digestion that it will make the blood flow freely in your veins, but if you neglect to keep your face properly washed your skin will not reflect health.

Keeping Skin Clean

The skin of the face absorbs impurities rapidly. After a day’s shopping or exposure to the winds and dust these impurities must be cleansed or the skin will clog.

It will not take long. A thorough washing with pure soap and water or an application of hot cloths does it. When the skin feels hot rub in a little cold cream and rest a few minutes. Then wipe off and spray the face with cold water to act as a tonic.

Where sensitive skin is injured by too much water there are good cleansing creams that may be used or the face can be wiped off after exposure with three parts of rosewater to one part glycerin.

You may not have time or money for hair treatments, but every woman can brush her hair for five minutes daily and let it hang for ventilation. No woman should be so busy or so tired that she omits to take down her hair at night and massage the scalp.

Keep erect, have your rooms well ventilated, draw deep breaths frequently, see that your corsets are well adjusted and not allowed to be sloppy, wear comfortable shoes for the sake of your nerves and temper, and do not overeat if you value your good looks.

Rest A Few Moments

Take time to rest a few minutes each day. It will keep you young longer than all other beauty prescriptions.

Besides eating moderately, learn to eat slowly. Bolting food is ruinous to good looks. When under heavy strain let your meals be small and frequent.

Do not overlook the value of water and plenty of it as a beauty agent.

Remember that the keynote of health and beauty is relaxation and a contented mind. The everyday beauty may give herself everyday care, yet soon lose her good looks if she allows herself to be a grind and given to fretting.

Source: Alma record. (Alma, Mich.), 16 March 1911.