Summer Flower Embroidery Design From 1916

The following summer flower embroidery design was originally published in 1916.

The instructions read:

Today is printed an embroidery design for a summer blouse. A satin stitch or a combination of satin, outline, and buttonhole give excellent results. Detail drawings show method of working. In using the printed design from the paper the directions are as follows: If the material is sheer, the easiest way is to lay it over the design, which will show through plainly, and draw over each line with a hard, sharp lead pencil. If your linen is heavy, buy a piece of impression paper – the kind that does not rub off – lay it on your material, place the design over it, and trace with a hard pencil. You will find the design neatly transferred.

Source: The Sunday telegram. (Clarksburg, W. Va.), 28 May 1916.