Domine Veils Bandit Fashion In 1915

Women used to wear veils as a form of decoration and sometimes the trend grew a bit weird, such as with the domine veil.

From an article printed in 1915:

It’s not a hold up – at least smartly dressed women don’t think that way about this latest freak of fashion – the domine veil.

Worn with the new “toppers,” the veil – with eyeholes let into it – gives the chic girl a regular bold, bad highwayman appearance. But it’s been noticed along Fifth av., where the first of these veils have been seen, that plenty of men appear willing to be victims to the beautiful “bandits.”

The veils come in several patterns but the most popular is one with a rather heavy and elaborate pattern that gives a rich effect.

Source: The day book. (Chicago, Ill.), 02 Nov. 1915.