Grape Vine Embroidery Designs From 1907

Published in 1907, these grape vine designs were made to be embroidered on shirts, but were also used on pillows and other objects.


Very rarely is it possible to secure such an extremely graceful and effective design as is given today.

Grapes applied to a shirtwaist or fancy blouse are very decorative as well as easy to work.

The design admits of two or three methods of developing it. The most generally popular way will possibly be the design as worked out in the working detail given on this page.

As shown, the grapes are worked in the padded satin stitch, the stems in the regular stem stitch and the leaves in a combination of outline, seed, and satin stitches.

Another method of developing the design is to work the leaves as given in the working detail, and to work the grapes in eyelet work.

Still another method to use is to work out the design completely in shadow work.

To successfully carry out the grapes in this method of working it will be found the more satisfactory to first work each grape carefully on the wrong side with an outline stitch in very fine thread, and then carry the stitches across the grape, using the outline stitch as a guide line and catching each thread in a single stitch of the outline.

Source: Evening star. [volume] (Washington, D.C.), 13 Oct. 1907.