Embroidery Design for Handkerchief Case and Pin Ball From 1915

The following embroidery designs are for a handkerchief case and for a pin ball. The patterns were originally published in 1915.

Instructions read:

The accompanying articles are attractive and pretty for Christmas gifts. Such a white linen handkerchief as has been worked out in detail makes an excellent present and is not difficult to work. If desired, the buttonholing and leaves may be white and the flowers pink. The lines which have been indicated for the slits through which the flap is passed should be worked like eyelets running on each side of the line with two alternating rows of fine stitches. This should be done before it is cut and whipped.

The pin ball is easily made, as everyone knows, by covering two disks of cardboard and whipping them together. Might be made worked in colored silk. When the present is given the ball should be filled with brightly colored pins.

The detail drawings show the method of working. In using the printed design from the paper the directions are as follows: If the material used is sheer, the easiest way is to lay it over the design, which will show through plainly, and draw over each line with a sharp, hard pencil. If your linen is heavy, buy a piece of impression paper – the kind that does not rub off – place the design over it and trace with a hard pencil.

Source: The Ogden standard. (Ogden City, Utah), 27 Nov. 1915.