Women’s Veil For Smokers

The early 1900s had a large range of different types of veils for women of all backgrounds and for the latest fads in the fashion industry. One of the more humorous veils was one worn for women who liked to smoke. Instead of having to take off the veil for a cigarette, it became fashionable for women to wear veils with mouth holes that allowed them to light up at will.

Gaby Deslys Innovates New Style Fad With Her Cigaret Veil

Gaby Deslys has innovated another new fad. She is wearing a veil which is becoming popular among society women who like their cigarets with an afternoon tea. The veil has an opening through which the cigaret may be placed in the lips and milady may blow rings into the air without removing the veil.

Source: The day book. (Chicago, Ill.), 18 Oct. 1915.