Embroidery Design For Lingerie From 1911

Women would embroider just about anything they could get their hands on in the early 20th century, including their lingerie. the pattern below was originally published in a newspaper in 1911 and is listed as Irish in origin.

Design for Lingerie

Accompanying text reads:

All lingerie designs must be noticeable for some delicate feature, either a very small flower or else a large flower embroidered in delicate threads, with little or not heavy parts. the Marguerite or Daisy pattern has long been conceded a graceful embroidery design. This is one which needs but little embroidery. All stems and leaves are worked in outline with a center filled with “seedlings.” Seedlings are only miniature French knots. if elaborate detail is desired then fill all petals with seedlings and work the daisy centers in solid satin stitch. The latter is a newer and prettier conceit, decidedly Irish in origin.

Source: Evening star. [volume] (Washington, D.C.), 06 Aug. 1911.